Rust Genomics

rust-genomics is a general purpose genetics and genomics library aimed at researchers who want to leverage the powerful Rust language to do research and build tools for other researchers.

This is not necessarily a toolset for exploratory analysis, I believe that there are better packages for that. This library is for when you want to build a rock solid and fast pipeline or tool.

To cite rust-genomics please use:

  David Folarin (2020). rust-genomics: A Genomics Library for the Rust Language

    title = {rust-genomics: A Genomics Library for the Rust Language}
    author = {David Folarin},
    year = {2020},
    url = {https://davefol.com/projects/rust-genomics},

rust-genomics is listed in crates.io as “genomics”. The library is still young, and open to contributions. Once there are more contributors than me, I’ll either change the citation to list all contributors or change the author to the “rust-genomics core team”.

This package is insipired by the adgenet and poppr R libraries and many discussions with my girlfriend, a PhD candidate in plant genomics.

The core of the library is a set of common data structures, ways to input, transform, and output those data structures, and tried and true computations, and algorithms on those data structures.

I plan to support a laundry list of features, including but not limited to:

Feel free to make a feature request.